WHT PR3 with new MINI SUB

WHT PR3 with new MINI SUB
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IQM 스피커 사진
WHT PR3 with new MINI SUB
PR-1 at Warsaw Audio Show 2009 7-8 Nov in Europe
PR-4 and PR-2 Construction detail
PR-4 reference speaker user's system
WHT degisns own driver.
Highest quality genuine leather for PSC cables.
Shipping custom mk2 speaker cables
PR-4 and PR-1
WHT PR3 + Bass clef sub woofer system
PSC Custom Mk1 / Mk2, R30/R100 inter connector, Litz 1/2/3 inter connector, Silver power cord mk2
PSC silver power, silver mk2, silver mk3 power cord,PRISTINE R 200 spk cable
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