Shipping custom mk2 speaker cables

Long time ago, PSC had to use long sized box for the speaker cable shipping. but now special anealing process makes our speaker cables flexible even this process increases conductivity of silver.

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IQM 스피커 사진
WHT PR3 with new MINI SUB
PR-1 at Warsaw Audio Show 2009 7-8 Nov in Europe
PR-4 and PR-2 Construction detail
PR-4 reference speaker user's system
WHT degisns own driver.
Highest quality genuine leather for PSC cables.
Shipping custom mk2 speaker cables
PR-4 and PR-1
WHT PR3 + Bass clef sub woofer system
PSC Custom Mk1 / Mk2, R30/R100 inter connector, Litz 1/2/3 inter connector, Silver power cord mk2
PSC silver power, silver mk2, silver mk3 power cord,PRISTINE R 200 spk cable
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